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The bowls give a unique look to make products that are with this exclusive leather.

At the source

Onah Inc. works directly with ostrich farms and makes the finest selection of skins.


Onah Inc. colors the skins in Belgium in order to guarantee the best quality.

About us

Onah Inc. sells high quality ostrich leather
The leather is among the strongest and finest leathers in the world.

Ostrich leather is one of the finest and strongest leathers in the world. The specific structure offers ostrich leather its unique character which reflects on the products made with it. By working directly with ostrich farms makes Onah Inc. finest selection of skins in order to ensure best quality to its customers. Onah Inc. is the partner of customers who place high demands on leather goods. Take a look in the shop to see what is in stock or contact us for an order of skins in your favorite color.

  • Skins between 12 and 19 SQF

    In square meters: between 1,1m² and 1,8m²

  • Standard colors in stock

    Other colors on request

  • Always at your service

    Bert Schelfhout: +32 473 52 72 91

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